Why is Amazon paying me?

I was going through bank statement recently and saw a charge from Amazon that looked off. A strange amount around $40, in the wrong column.  What’s this? They gave me money for once. And this wasn’t the first time, I just hadn’t noticed in previous statements because I see “Amazon” and figure it was something I bought. So what’s the deal??

Well, I signed up to be part of their Developer program about a year ago, and submitted that Ninja Toss game I made after teaching this lesson and it turns out it finally started paying off. Not much. All in all, its only been $138, but now that feels like free money. And of course I gave it all back to Amazon by buying a Kindle Fire which I’m sure is why there’s an uptick in sales of the app in the past few months.

That Kindle arrived today, with all my info already baked into it. It says “Justin’s Kindle” in the top right, and when I went to purchase my own app to see how well it played, it didn’t even ask me for a credit card or even login info. So Amazon has made it purty easy to buy Apps. More reason for the increase in sales.

So this is great news for Flash developers because we’ve talked a lot on this blog about iOS apps, but thats not the only game in town, and with the Kindle Fire taking off like it is, there’s a ton of opportunity to export your Flash projects to Android and submit them to Amazon to sell.


5 thoughts on “Why is Amazon paying me?

  1. I made an eBook for the iPad at the end of last year. So far I’ve gotten about 150 sales. I made a Kindle Fire edition of the book just to see how it would do, but I really wasn’t expecting any sales to be honest. In two months I’ve gotten over 700 sales on Amazon.

    The Kindle Fire version was an afterthought, but after seeing the numbers, I’m think all my apps are going to be Fire first, iPad second from now on.

  2. Amazon is ok, but is hard to trust large american corporations. They send checks to me here in Jerusalem, Israel, but recently I opted to get credit in order to keep my kindle account active. After all, as you say, sometimes feel like free money

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