Updating Cocos2D Apps for the iPad 3

I got a few emails about what to do about the new iPad 3 with its fancy new retina display. If you go here…


… the first post on page 3 has the best answer about what could go down with your app if you’ve been using Cocos2D.  Seems like the only problem is with apps that have the retina display enabled. This line in the AppDelegate.m…

if( ! [director enableRetinaDisplay:YES] )

If you’ve made an iPad only app, it probably doesn’t have that line in there. Or if it does, its probably set to NO. So you’re safe there.

But if you’ve made a Universal App, that line would be in there possibly, because you thought you were only supporting the HD graphics for the iPhone. And there’s the problem. Especially if you made use of the contentScaleFactor ( if you had a Box2D world in there you definitely would have an issue ).

One quick fix. Disable the Retina Display. Resubmit your app with it off, and then once you’ve got an iPad 3 yourself and the corrected code to support all those -ipadhd size graphics, you submit the new version.

And it sounds like Cocos2D will have an official patch in just a few days.  So I say, wait it out folks.


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