Angry Ninjas Starter Kit updated for iPad 3 (hopefully)

Well I slept past the early store openings today so there goes my chances of getting an iPad 3 today (or for weeks probably). But I think I’ve got the Angry Ninjas iOS Starter Kit  retina-fied for the new iPad. It was actually pretty easy, what took a while was upgrading to Lion and installing the latest Xcode to Simulate the iPad 3. So a win for Apple, they finally got me to upgrade.

For those curious, here’s what need updating in the Kit. The Starter Kit builds a universal app, so the Box2D objects all had a non-hd and -hd graphic already. The iPad 1 & 2 were using the non-hd versions (instead of a separate -ipad version). So in upgrading for the iPad 3, I just kept things as is basically. Both Retina iPhone and iPad use the same -hd graphics.

The only thing that really needed work was in places where I was using separate  -ipad saved graphics. So now in TheMenu class there’s also -ipad-hd graphics for the buttons that unlock or lock the level sections.

So anyone out there pick up the new iPad today?


8 thoughts on “Angry Ninjas Starter Kit updated for iPad 3 (hopefully)

  1. Yep, iPad arrived, synced with the Macbook, all the apps I’ve been working on wouldn’t install so I had to edit my profiles for the new UDID, installed the apps and saw a bunch of problems. Mostly on the apps created in Corona SDK, which probably just means I need to add a few new lines of code.

    For whatever reason Ninjits’ icon turned into the stock Cocos2D icon too, not sure why. Other than broken apps I haven’t noticed too much of a different between iPad1 and “new” iPad yet (besides cameras and thickness).

  2. CV says:

    Yeah my Angry Ninjas template works on the new iPad…I didn’t update anything. Where is the problem?

  3. Well with Retina disabled it should work fine in the original version. But I think you should still download the update. Just to be safe

  4. Okay, I just found the error of not changing the line: if( ! [director enableRetinaDisplay:YES] )

    When you go into GAME MENU the images are misplaced. Everything else looks awesome though on the new iPad in retina so maybe there’s a fix for the menu page.

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