Chapter 3 of the best little free iBook (or now PDF) is available!

I guess I should update this blog at a faster rate than I’m updating this iBook. She’s kept me busy for sure this past week. But I’ve added a whole chapter on getting started with Cocos2D, which outta be a great companion resource for my current iOS students. And there might even be some things in this chapter that I haven’t talked about in the tutorials.  Point is, give it a download!

If you don’t have an iPad, you can view it online as a PDF or download it as a PDF. Click here to grab it!  There’s about 60 pages of “real” content, then the rest is the glossary terms which get added as their own pages.  Also keep in mind, there’s a lot you miss in the PDF, some of the images are interactive in iBook form, and of course none of the movie files play. At a later date, I’ll try to fix that by adding some links to YouTube versions or something.

And for you lucky folk with an iPad and a recently updated version of iBooks, you can download the latest version by clicking here if you are reading this from your iPad (it might take a bit to load) And I would probably recommend deleting the old version of the book if you previously downloaded it.

And you can also download a zip file of the iBook, by clicking here, then once unzipped on your home computer, you can just drag the iBooks file to iTunes. Sync your device and enjoy!

Doesn't code look pretty here ??


2 thoughts on “Chapter 3 of the best little free iBook (or now PDF) is available!

  1. aldo says:

    Great!!! I like that your tuts are also available for beginners.
    When will the book be available for purchase??


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