Ever wonder who else makes iOS Starter Kits??

I did. So I found a new friend.  The guys over at iPhoneGameKit.com have some great ones. And they do things a bit like our iOS kits, because they also have a lot of instruction included with their packages.  Take a look at their two kits for sale…

First up is Quexlor, an Action RPG Engine with code and tutorial….

This one looks particularly sweet because well, I loved playing Phantasy Star as a kid, so the top down RPG games have a soft spot with me. And this kit comes with hundreds of textures, characters and objects as well.

Also written in Obj-C and Cocos2D, holla!

Next, they’ve got a  Monster Checkers Starter Kit, which also doubles as a vehicle to learn Objective C and Cocos2D. You even get a 100 page e-book. ( Wait, that sounds like what I’ve been writing! )

This too comes with a bonus zip package full of thousands of royalty-free characters, sprites, buildings, other images and sound effects.

And I’ll end this article with a pitch from their own site, “Do you want to make your game in a few months? Or by the end of the weekend?”



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