Flash CS6, the new Sprite Sheet maker / HTML5 exporter?!

Well the Adobe CS6 line is getting ever closer to release, so I guess its time I start looking into what’s ahead.  To be honest, I grimace a little every time there’s a new version because I can’t avoid the inevitable spend,  its hundreds straight out of my pocket, regardless of whether the upgrade is worth upgrading.

But this time around there’s at least two features that will make me actually reach for my wallet. Seems like CartoonSmart’s website will see a return of some simple animation using Flash CS6’s export option for HTML5. As some of you might remember, the site used to have a lot of Flash, then very little, then almost none at all. Sorry, I love my iPad. But if I can animate even simple image transitions or fades in Flash, then export it to HTML, I’m there.

And then the other VERY interesting feature is this Sprite Sheet generator. Is that alone worth a few hundred bucks, meh, who knows. There are some free sprite sheet programs out there, but for a hardcore game developer, this will come in really handy. And I think this feature further steers Flash in the right direction, being used for game graphics/animation instead of web animation.

You can read about some of the other features, on Adobe’s site. OR from another blogger here


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