Toon Boom visits Georgia for Game Design Camp

My friends at Toon Boom just told me about an event in my neck of the woods (Georgia). They are co-hosting a game design camp at SCAD for students aged 12-15. Thats probably a bit younger than most of my readers, but hey, some of you might have kids that age. Here’s some more info and link to the details on SCAD’s site

Combining the expertise and prestige of SCAD with the outstanding products and faculty from Ubisoft Entertainment and Toon Boom Animation, the SCAD Game Design Camp offers an educational adventure in game design for students ages 12-15. To simulate game production as approached in the professional field, teams of students are directed through industry processes, in order to construct a board game from start to finish. Students discover creative methods via brainstorming, interactive practice and teamwork.  After this weeklong camp, students gain a familiarity with game design software, 2-D technology, and specialized equipment used in the game design industry.

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