Whoa. Phonegap in CS6 looks really wild!

Our fabulous instructor Lawrence just showed me what he’ll be covering in the continuation of his PhoneGap course. We’re holding off until CS6 is out, and we can demonstrate some of what’s featured in this preview from Adobe.

Wait till you see QR Code at the end. How weird is that?!?  Maybe I’ll start pointing my phone’s camera at those things in my day-to-day life and see if an app pops up. I thought those were just price tag checkers =)


One thought on “Whoa. Phonegap in CS6 looks really wild!

  1. I downloaded Dreamweaver CS6 and haven’t noticed any difference from 5.5, but I haven’t delved in too deep yet. Flash CS6’s ability to package AIR with Android apps is nice, I used that feature today, but not being a javaScript guy, I don’t know how long it will take me to utilize the CreateJS function. It’s cool you can export JS now, but you seem to have to program the interactivity after the export. Also, the spritesheet exporting is nice if you use JSON, Cocos2D or Sterling, but I don’t even know how to get started in JSON or Sterling. Overall, my initial impression is CS6 is okay, but haven’t been wowed yet.

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