Our first HTML5 Template / Component Galleries!

Our master of all things template related, Tibi,  has returned with some Flash-less but no-less-cool templates using the magic of HTML5, CSS, Javascript and all that other good code that’s making both websites and mobile devices look awesomely similar these days. These HTML5 templates are setup essentially the same as his Flash templates: Change the XML file to set your preferences and image locations, and upload away. The only big difference now is how you embed the gallery. This just involves pasting some code in your html file (this was true with Flash too). And we’ve documented those changes in an included written file, and I’ve added my own movie file which covers every aspect of getting the gallery on your site. This includes swapping out images and also using the demo version to view live changes of the gallery, and using those values in the configuration XML file.

Finally, I’ve tested this on all my iPads and it looks great (and wait, before I finish typing this, I should test on my iPhone too)… and yup, they look and play great on the iPhone as well. Check ’em out below. Each is just $15…


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