Cocos2d and PhoneGap tutorial videos uploaded to CartoonSmart’s accounts…

Two of our multi-session courses got updates recently. My own series is moving forward with the first part of Session 5 which introduces a game we’ll use to play around with some Game Center code (for Leader boards and Achievements) Since this is really just the setup to the real “meat” of the lesson, I’ve made this hour completely free, and it’s a great standalone tutorial on composing CCActions and using Gesture Recognizers with Cocos2d (the Game Center stuff will come in part 2). It also uses the latest update of Cocos2d which is now officially version 2. If you haven’t watched any of the past courses in this series, well you can get caught up by joining us, or you can probably wing it (it’ll help if you know how to make a sprite sheet)….

Resources for this project are available at….

You can watch the video on YouTube here or Vimeo here.

And for you PhoneGap Tutorial buyers, you should already have gotten 3 NEW Session zip files in the past couple weeks. Session 6 should have arrived this morning. And now that we have like, uhhh (just noticed a typo on the site)… 14 HOURS (it said 4 hours a moment ago)…. we might as well give away a couple hours.

So if you’d like to get started with some PhoneGap Tutorials for free. Here are some links..

PhoneGap Tutorial Video 1 – Introduction to the Series and Initial Setup. Free to watch here on YouTube or Vimeo.

PhoneGap Tutorial Video 2 -Free to watch here on YouTube or Vimeo.

For Mac Users, check out this video as well. Also free to watch here onYouTube or Vimeo.

Here’s the details on the new courses….

Session 4: Using Dreamweaver CS6 with PhoneGap and Storage API

Using Dreamweaver CS6 with Phone Gap – 1 Hour: 2 Minutes – Learn how Dreamweaver CS6 integrates with the PhoneGap Build Service to compile applications in the “Cloud”.You’ll also learn how to get started with QR Codes (Quick Reference Codes) to find and install your app from the PhoneGap servers. Also discussed are many details about publishing your app for iOS, Android, Blackberry and other devices.

PhoneGap Storage API Tutorial – 46 Minutes – The Storage API gives you the ability to create a database on the client side rather than on a remote server. So you’ll learn how to populate a database, retrieve data, delete data, and everything else related to managing a database.

Session 5: Capture API and Media API 

PhoneGap Capture API Tutorial – 1 Hour: 19 Minutes – This API allows you to capture an image, video, or audio. You’ll learn all the parameters involved with capturing these types of media (max duration, various modes, etc). You’ll learn how to store and retrieve the media. With these tools you could program your own voice or video recorder.

Also discussed are the quirks between capturing media on different devices.

PhoneGap Media API Tutorial– 53 Minutes – The Media API allows smooth playback of audio without slowing down your application. This is a better option than using HTML5 based audio or Flash Player audio, which could slow down your app, or in the case of Flash, isn’t available on the iOS devices. You’ll learn how to control your media with Play, Seek, Pause, Resume and Stop options.

Session 6: File API

PhoneGap File API Tutorial- 3 Hours: 38 Minutes – We’ve saved one of the longest tutorials for last. While most of the lessons you can watch in any order you like, our instructor requests you watch most of the previous ones first because he combines many different API’s in this final lesson. With the File API you can access the device’s file directory. So you can search, read, write, upload and transfer files with this API, making it one of the most interesting ones. And worthy of an almost 4 hour lesson!


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