CartoonSmart launches a dedicated blog for all our free tutorials! Here’s why…

Oh boy. Time for a confession. I totally neglected the Free section of CartoonSmart. I won’t even show you how little was posted there, it was maybe 10 tutorials. But over the past couple years I’ve uploaded well over a 100 hours of stuff to YouTube and Vimeo. And as soon as YouTube lifted that 15 minute length cap, it was on!  I like giving away lengthy demos of our videos. Most are many hours long, so to drop the first hour online is no problem. My problem was not promoting those videos properly and the real confession here is that 1/4 of my traffic was going to that free section… Eeeek! (< insert Bender voice)  

So what I should have done years ago, but instead finally did this past weekend, was create a dedicated blog for all that free stuff.  And here she is, CartoonSmart’s Free Video Tutorial Blog (for lack of a more obvious title I’ll call it that). And this will be ONLY for free videos / demos. So I won’t clutter it up (like this blog) with articles on everything under the sun (ironically the WordPress theme name of the blog is “Sunspot”) .

And why follow yet another blog? Well I think the occasional update will be worth watching. I’m also going to be adding some Twitter promos to certain posts, here’s my first and only example so far, but this week I’ll add more. I’ll announce them all in one article here when I’ve added a bunch. And the way those work is if you Tweet about the tutorial, we’ll give you more of it to watch. We upload a lot “Part 1’s” online, so I imagine you’ll be seeing some “Part 2’s” coming soon too.

Finally you might have noticed in the screen shot of the blog below, that there’s a Friend Us On Facebook button, so if you want to connect up on FB, feel free. There IS a picture of me there. A rare photo.

That’s all for now!


5 thoughts on “CartoonSmart launches a dedicated blog for all our free tutorials! Here’s why…

  1. Was this inspired by your last blog post? In the video he says to never ignore your free users, they’re some of the most important customers. I think you should give props to your paid users as well. Maybe in the form of eHigh-Fives.

  2. Dario says:

    great justin! I’m Dario: do you remenber? I’m still continuing to work on the promo tutorial seo and social media like i sad in the e-mail that i send you just a two months ago.

    Great job my friend! 😉

  3. Dario says:

    one question: you don’t do more video about game dev? Would be great a tutorial course about game dev essential in java or c++.

  4. Hmm…some sort fo turn-based app that let’s you send eHigh-Fives, Pats on the back, “Attaboys”, etc. to your friends and colleagues. It’s not as dumb as it sounds. Well, maybe it is, but regardless, let’s make it! Hahaha

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