Spritesheets: The Movie and some other movies worth sharing…

A lot of you have probably seen this already, but if just one of you hasn’t , it’s worth sharing. This is a great animation on what is a sprite sheet by Code n Web

Great work!

As for CartoonSmart news, well, my couple weeks of marketing are closing up. For a brief moment in time , I actually googled “video tutorials” and saw CartoonSmart as the #1 entry. I think we’re back down at the billionth again. But whatever, it was a shooting star moment.

If you all want some extra free lessons and you’re a Twitter user, I have some TwtQpon’s to share ( Twitter coupons)…

I’ll keep a list of those up on the left column of the still growing Free Video Tutorials Blog. Which reminds me, I’ll add something new today.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Stay out of the sun. And water. No place is safe really. Except behind your computer. Unless you’re being cyber bullied, I guess. In which case, go to the gym.


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