Intro to Game Center Tutorial now ready and the final project in our PhoneGap course is done!

Many of you have waited long enough! My video tutorial on Game Center has been uploaded and is now officially a part of the iOS and Cocos2d Tutorial Series/Bundle. What took so long, you might ask???  I dunno, I don’t keep a diary!  These things take a while, but I am thorough. In this 2 hour video we look at everything it takes to get your app setup for Game Center integration. We’ll talk about what needs to be done in iTunes Connect to setup an empty Leaderboard (for high scores or low scores) and a new Achievement goal for players (for example, your player collecting  100 coins could be an Achievement). Then in Xcode we will create a singleton class to manage showing Leaderboards, Achievements, Friend Invites and everything else involved with authenticating local players. And of course the real action begins when we submit scores and new achievements (or percentages of achievements) to Game Center. We’ll also create NSUserDefault variables to store past scores or achievements just in case there’s an error reporting either one, for example if someone lost internet connectivity.

If you already bought this course, you should already have a brand-spankin’ new set of download links.

Also if you bought our PhoneGap and Dreamweaver CS5.5 / CS6 Tutorial Series, the final app has been uploaded (which you know already too because of the download link sitting in your inbox).  Our instructor Lawrence added an Xcode based project featuring 5 of the API’s taught in the course. As you can see below, the app has five buttons on the bottom which navigate to:

  •  Contact Window: with buttons to trigger a text, phone call or email
  •  Voice Recorder: Playback a sound file you’ve recorded through the app
  •  YouTube Video Playlist / Player: Create a playlist of your favorite YouTube Videos
  • Image Capture App: Take a picture from the device’s camera and insert it within another image. This could be the foundation of an amazing application. Perhaps a kid’s book featuring the child reading the book.
  • Compass: Get the magnetic heading of your device



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