CartoonSmart’s iOS Game Development Book is Available!

She’s finally ready! My first book! I mean CartoonSmart’s first book. Ah, heck, I am CartoonSmart. The machine and me are one  (wait, isn’t that from Iron Man?)   =)

If you want more of a preview you can click below, or if you’ve been waiting months upon months for this, here’s the link to it in the iBookstore. The book is 413 pages AND counting. I can add more to this at anytime, and past buyers will get notified in their iBook app that there’s an update. YUP! That’s the future of books, folks. Always update-able!  It might not make sense for Stephen King, but for code authors it’s pretty darn perfect.

Also for anyone lucky enough to be using an iPad 3 or newer, the images are Retina display-ready, so they look pretty darn beautiful. Even that fugly green-haired looking punk kid eating onion rings looks polished.

I hope you enjoy it! Oh and the first 4 chapters (122 pages) are FREE! So you can definitely try before you buy. 


5 thoughts on “CartoonSmart’s iOS Game Development Book is Available!

  1. Yay! I know you had a pdf version of the first few chapters. If I buy the iBook does it also contain a pdf version of the ENTIRE book?

  2. Is there a way to get this without going through iTunes? I have iTunes credit that’s reserved for pre-orders, but if I try to get the book through there it will take the credit away versus asking for a credit card.

  3. No, legally I can’t sell the iBooks format without going through Apple. I can sell ya a PDF but that’s nowhere near as cool as the iBooks format.

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