Some musings on CartoonSmart’s iBooks / PDF’s (and a poll)…

Well it’s been a fun past month following the release of CartoonSmart’s first book (specifically MY first book). Sales were great the first couple weeks, thanks of course, to all of you loyal readers. And they are still good from what appears to be some natural iBookstore traffic (people not coming from CartoonSmart).  Good enough at least, that I’ll definitely be writing some follow-up tutorials in the same format.

I’ve realized for many years the importance of being able to search for specific terms with CartoonSmart’s programming tutorials. The art tutorials don’t need much of a Glossary  because the training is more about technique. The iBook / PDF format obviously solves the problem of not being search-friendly.

My dilemma for future books really comes down to finding the perfect length and size of the content. I can’t spend half a year writing 400-plus page books.Well I could, but it’s quite resource-draining (me, being the resource). Obviously shorter books are possible, and if the price is right, I don’t think anyone minds a 100 page training book because that’s still pretty substantial. So the real question is the size, because I know for those of you purchasing on your iPads, the capacity is limited. Granted, the iBooks are cloud-based, so you can delete and re-download as often as you want if you need to free up capacity, but let’s ignore that for a second.

Indulge me with a poll regarding the ideal size of an iBook. Granted, its really just the videos within the book that take up the most space. So figure 30-40 minutes of video is about 100 MB. And if you don’t care about the size, just check off 500MB, because that’s realistically the most I would do anyway.



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