A Free (Maybe Finished) iBook/PDF on Flash Animation


Happy 2013 Everyone!

Yesterday I mailed this same announcement out to the CartoonSmart newsletter base, and hopefully I’ll catch a few of the same readers again with a couple small corrections/clarifications.

But first, I created a  possibly finished, possibly unfinished iBook/PDF Book which is 100% free right now. It’s 70 pages of instruction and depending on which version you download,  either contains or links to over 2 hours of video tutorials on a start-to-finish Motion Posters project in Flash CS6. Normally this is the type of thing CartoonSmart would sell since I do have to justify spending my time on something that pays a few bills. Except, I want this new format of Part-Book, Part Video to have a bit more “reach” than a handful of buyers so I’m making this totally free for now. There’s no catch, nothing to sign up for. No buy-up option or in-app purchase inside of the book as it is now.

When I write a few more chapters in this How to Fake Great Animation series , I might add them to this book OR maybe upload it to the iBookstore as is and keep it free as an intro to a longer series. I haven’t decided. If anyone I emailed yesterday was confused by whether or not this was a free finished book or free preview of something longer, I want to clarify that I’m honestly undecided. But regardless, its still free. And if you like it, and want to buy more of the same, you simply can’t right now because thats all there is for now. Sorry for the confusion though.

Also I had no idea Firefox didn’t support mp4 files. Whoops. I spent quite some time last night reading up the history on that. And royalty fees the browsers will one day pay to use mp4. And HTML5 video, and all sorts of techie drama. So anyway, for anyone reading the PDF version of the book and clicking to watch the example videos online, there’s now two options available: .mp4 and .mov. If you’e using Firefox, the first option won’t work. At least for the foreseeable future.

Anyway, if you read all this, thanks! If not, here’s the important part: check out this new tutorial and format!  I’m excited about it, so I hope you are too!


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