Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit already gets a new feature (the people wanted it)!

Well one person asking for something is duly noted, but when I get three emails asking for a feature, that’s hard to ignore. I’ve updated The Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit kit to include an interaction option, where you can save the current screen to the photo library. So if for example, you created a sticker app, a kid could save a picture of where they placed all those stickers.

Anyone who bought the kit last week should still have active downloads. If not, just hit the Request form on your expired page. No reason needed.

And if you’ve already begun using the kit, simply copy and paste the contents of ImageOverlay.h , ImageOverlay.m, Page.h, and Page.m. Afterwards, any image in the property list that has ActionForPress set to SaveScreen, can do exactly that.

The documentation has been updated as well with a section dedicated to making sticker / puzzle apps. Overwriting those same files listed above also enables stickers to pair with bases of the same name. It’s a minor tweak, but useful because now identical looking stickers could stick to any base. For example, the same tire could stick to any tire base location.

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 3.07.18 PM


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