New Tutorial on How to Draw Cartoon Animals!

How to Draw Cartoon AnimalsThe Great Paris Christou is back! This outing he’s tackling dozens of animals in his aptly named course, How to Draw Cartoon Animals. If you purchase now, you’ll also got a $5 discount coupon off your next CartoonSmart tutorial (the code is in a text document along with your download links to the movie files)

As it says above, he’s traveling to 5 different environments for this course. House Pets, The Farm, The Forest, The Jungle and the Sea. Like his past lessons, Paris illustrates using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 6, but you can follow along with any artistic software on your desktop, pencil and paper, or using an app on your iPad.

Side note: This course inspired me to buy a stylus for my iPad. I got this one by Trent off Amazon. I had one in the past with a very rubbery tip, it was “okay”, but this new one is incredible. It has some kind of fabric tip that makes it very smooth to draw with. So now I have one more thing distracting me from actually watching the television: sketching caricatures constantly during shows. So now I can draw the people on Dateline, that I may or may not utterly despise. I let the jury decide.


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