Listen up! I’m looking for Listener ideas for the StoryTeller’s kit…

Alright, kit-sters! I’m looking for ideas for the StoryTellers iOS Starter Kit. I’m adding an optional Listeners section to the Property List. So for example, if you want to “listen out” for a puzzle being completed,  you can do that (after the next update of the kit). You can see how this will be setup in the image from the property list below. Pretty easy right. If 12 pieces are put in place, we add fireworks to the scene.

So far I’ve added two other listeners, one which listeners for tapping of an object (or group of objects) by tag. Anyone familiar with the kit knows that you don’t have to add a tag (numerical ID) to your images, but it was possible to. Now if you add a tag, for example “999”, you can listen out for touches to any image with that tag. And multiple images can have the same tag. So essentially its a group.  And if you touch them enough times, like 20 times, you could trigger something to happen. Like adding fireworks to the scene.

Also there’s a removal listener which works the same way. If x number of images are removed, something occurs.

More ideas?? Email me. I’d love to hear what you’re doing with the kit, and where’s there’s room for some custom coding that everyone can benefit from.

Also, the most recent documentation (1.4) is in the iBookstore. If your country is among those that can access the iBookstore, this is the best copy to download because when there’s an update to the kit itself, I’ll also update the documentation and you’ll be notified via your iBooks app.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 2.32.18 PM


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