The First 3 Listeners added to the Story Tellers Kit…

You can add the Listeners array to your Story Tellers kit to “listen” for certain events. When a completion event occurs, you can trigger something to happen.  The kit currently supports listening for these events…

PairingCompleted –  Listen for a certain number of base and puzzle/sticker pieces to be paired together. For example, once 12 pieces are put in place, you can shoot off fireworks and add an image saying “Go to Next Page” .

TouchCountByTag – Listen for a specific number of touches on a group of ImageOverlays. These images don’t have to look the same, they simply need to share the same Tag property. ImageOverlays all have Tag property, which up till now has mostly been ignored in this documentation. For example, touching any image 5 times with the Tag set 999, could automatically go to the next page.

RemovalOfImagesByTag –  Similar to the previous listener, you can listen for the removal of images with a specific Tag number. For example, removing 10 images with the Tag set to 888, could show a video.

If you are updating your kit from version 1.4 to 1.5, all you need to do is copy and paste what’s in Page.h and Page.m to your copy of the kit. And then to add a listener, you can copy and paste the Listeners array from the BookSetup.plist (the main property list).

The documentation for the kit now has a fancy Listeners section added to it. Enjoy…

Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit


3 thoughts on “The First 3 Listeners added to the Story Tellers Kit…

  1. I might add a tad more to 1.5 so I’m holding off on a mass email. You can get it anytime though through your previous download link. If its expired, you’ll see what to do. Thanks.

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