Justin Cook’s Kickstarter Project has room for YOU in it…

Justin Cook (a regular CartoonSmart instructor) has a great new project on Kickstarter, but before I introduce it,  let’s address this…

What the heck is Kickstarter??

Kickstarter is NOT a donation website. It’s about pre-selling a product so the creator knows there’s enough interest out there to actually make the project worth doing. Believe me, it sucks spending months on something that no one buys. 

What’s the project??

So Justin’s Kickstarter is a How to Draw Caricatures book which could potentially FEATURE YOU in it. For 7 pounds (or about $11) you’ll get the book in beautiful iBook format or PDF.  But if you feel like pledging just a tad bit more, you’ll get to be in the book itself!  The pledge levels for being in the actual book start at just 10 pounds, and increase based on how featured you are, up to being on the front cover. Here’s an example…

Actual page from the book. Front colour caricature.Cool right? I’ll let you find out more on Kickstarter!


4 thoughts on “Justin Cook’s Kickstarter Project has room for YOU in it…

  1. Kickstarter update!!!
    The project will also now include a section on taking a caricature into Too Boom Animate and learning how to lip sync it. Also included, a chapter on Sketch book Pro =)

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