Busy, busy month.

I’ve disappeared a bit from blogging recently, but no, I haven’t taken 6 weeks off. I wish. Actually, no, I don’t wish. I love working which is partially why I’ve been absent here. I just get hyper focused and forget to attend to all my duties. So recent news…

Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit 

I added quite a bit to this in the past few weeks. Past buyers all should have gotten an email. One minor change, but very worth noting. The most recent Cocos2d library made the switch from using the extension -widehd.png to -iphone5hd.png for Retina Display images on the iPhone 5 . If you don’t include separate images specifically for the iPhone 5, your fallback extension is still the same, -hd.png, which is probably what most of you are using anyway.  There really shouldn’t be too many reasons to include unique images for both devices, unless of course it’s a background image, but even then you could have the -hd.png image wider than necessary for the iPhone 4  and just plan on it being cropped some.  Personally, I liked the -widehd.png extension more than -iphone5hd.png  since it seems inevitable to change one day (ahem, iPhone 6).

And the bigger news is that the Story Teller’s Kit now supports 5 in-app purchases, images that can be shown or not-shown based on in-app purchases,  Facebook posting, Streaming Video (instead of just video files added to the Resource folder of the kit), slide-up style menus with thumbnails, and some extra nice things like adding an array to the Root of the Plist to house images which will appear on every page of the book (good for menu buttons). The Facebook / Twitter posting feature also includes an option to attach an image to the post, which could be used to promote your app. For example, you could include a screen shot from the app. You can find out more details at the fancy new-ish looking page for the Kit…

iOS Starter Kit, how to make a book app

iOS Game Programming with Xcode and Cocos2d

Some of you might have noticed this got a brand spanking new chapter added. Chapter 10 got bumped up to Chapter 11, and Chapter 10 is now….

Ch.10 Extending Cocos2d

  • 10.1 – Connecting to Twitter or Facebook (iOS 6)
  • 10.2 – Connecting to Twitter (iOS 5)
  • 10.3 – Saving the Screen to the Camera Roll
  • 10.4 – Adding Video
  • 10.5 – Quick Start Guide to In-App Purchasing
  • 10.6 – The In-App Purchasing Classes (fully explained)
  • 10.7 – NSURL and UIAlertView

If you bought the book in it’s native iBook format from the iBookstore, you should have an update awaiting you. For my PDF people, you should have gotten an email with a download link for the update.

What Else?… Oh yeah, BootStrap. 

Click above if you don’t know what Twitter Bootstrap is. It’s a lot of CSS and Javascript to make pretty websites basically. I finally buckled down and started playing with some new layout and designs for CartoonSmart. And once I got a look I was satisfied with, I went from very happy to very overwhelmed as I realized it would take me a year to retool the entire site with fresh pages. The “entire site” is a bit of a stretch, so I’ll be starting with sister-sites like CartoonSmartKits.com, CartoonSmartCode.com, and CartoonSmartBooks.com . Basically I’ve committed to watching TV at night in zombie-mode tediously beautifying old sales pages for the next billion shows I “hear”. Fortunately I’ve got a wife that doesn’t mind me asking “wait, what’s happening?” every 15 minutes.

So that’s the latest news. On the near-horizon, we’ve got an Intro to Maya lesson! Hizzah! Some 3D again!


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