CartoonSmart’s first Maya and first donation-priced tutorial

Back from the grave (actually just back from getting his Masters) is one of CartoonSmart’s first instructor’s besides yours truly. Manuel D’Macedo has returned relatively unscathed from years of being immersed in the Maya environment, and the teacher turned student turned back to teacher is back in the CartoonSmart fold.

To welcome his return, and to introduce as many of you as possible to Maya and 3D design, I’m setting the price of this nearly 3 hour lesson to either $0.99 (the “I’m Broke” Level), $4.99 (the “I Can Meet You Halfway”  Level”) or $9.99 (the “I Fully Support More 3D Lessons” Level). And don’t worry, I won’t secretly be judging any orders that come in for 99 cents.  I’m just excited to offer something new, and I’d like as many new students as possible here.

This Introduction to Maya video series will be housed under CartoonSmart’s ever growing list of sister-domains ““. Actually, I’ve had that domain for probably 10 years now, so its nice to finally use it.

Thanks for listening!
Introduction to Maya video tutorial


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