Documenting my latest iOS Starter Kit (Yup, Sprite Kit based)

Sorry for the long silence folks, I’ve been deeply immersed in building a Sprite Kit Starter Kit. I think a lot of you can guess the general theme  based on the screenshot below, but what the kit turned out creating was even better and bigger than what I originally intended or imagined. So I’ll leave a little mystery until it’s ready. The kit is ready, but I have to document it. And in royal fashion, its getting the same iBook treatment that my StoryTeller’s Starter Kit got. Since it is entirely Property-List driven, every property needs an entry and that is hundreds upon hundreds of entries.  And since I tend to WAY over-do things, the documentation / guide even has tips on using Xcode for the first time.

Anyway, expect some fun things to announce very soon! I’ve been at this project for months now, so I’m getting excited myself. But it must be perfect =)

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 5.09.16 PM


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