Video documentation for the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit.

Last week we launched the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit (with epic-length subtitle) For Side-Scroller, Top-Down or Isometric Role Playing Games (told you it was long). And now comes the onslaught of video documentation. I’m not one for brevity in these videos, so if you enjoy my voice and over-explanations of nearly everything, have at it (more are coming this week too)…

Fantastic Worlds on Vimeo

Fantastic Worlds on Udemy (with Discussions Board)

And if you want something a bit shorter, check out the playback demonstrations of the kit…

Playback Demos on Vimeo

These show the kit running in a side scroller view, top down view (your more classic RPG style) and the Kids App demo even has an isometric view. And if you just want a quick 2 minute introduction, the video below shows some minimized versions of the playback, along with the iBook documentation, and a little hint of how Tiled and the Property List function together.



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