New features in Build 1.0.2 of the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit

I suppose I should start posting new entries to the documentations for the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit right here on the blog. The documentation has all these same properties already noted, so you can follow the link(s) to the documentation in the previous link, or go here to download the iBooks file or PDF file directly.

New in Build 1.0.2

For Levels

  • ReverseGravityThisOften – A decimal value for how often (in seconds) the level will reverse (or change) gravity using the value below.
  • GravityReverse – (for Levels)This is a vector defining the x and y direction that gravity will switch to using the property above.  For example, a value of { 0, 1 } would pull the character up some, if the regular gravity was normally { 0, -2 } . This example could be used to make a side scrolling level appear to have a watery effect to moving through it.

For Objects

  • GainHowMuchHealthEverySecond – a decimal value for the amount of health an object will recover every second. This could be useful for “boss” characters that are meant to be more challenging to kill.
  • ParallaxOffset – An offset value in {x, y} format for the amount to shift the object when the character moves (or when the world is moved essentially). You can create parallax scrolling effects on either the x or y axis (or both) using these amounts. They can be positive or negative decimal values. For subtle effects, use small decimal values. When experimenting with parallax scrolling, I would recommend leaving either the x or y at 0 to see how the effect works on just one axis first.  For side-scrolling levels, this would mean leaving the y value at 0.
  • DontDestroyWeaponsOnContact  – A YES or NO value that prevents weapons (thrown by a player) from being destroyed on contact.  For example, you might want a rock (thrown as a weapon) to simply affect the physics of this object, if so, set this property to YES. By default, this value is NO, so any player-fired weapon breaks against it.

For Buttons

  • DoesWhat with a value of UseWeaponAndAttack will do exactly what tapping the screen does (if tapping to attack is not disable). This makes the character use their attack animation frames, and use a weapon (fire a projectile). So for example, the character might fire a gun, and the animation would show a little kick-back from the gun.   (sorry this should have been in Build 1.0 for anyone using a virtual D-pad).

For Weapons

  • FiringParticleFileName –  This optional property is the name of the .sks file to show when the weapon is fired. Like all uses of Sprite Kit Particle files, you do not need to enter .sks into the value. So if you plan to use a file named GunFire.sks the value to enter here is just GunFire.  This particle effect will move along with the projectile.
  • NumberOfFiringParticlesToEmit – An integer value for the number of particles to emit.
  • FiringParticleXOffset – An offset number value on the x axis for where the particles will initially appear. This value is multiplied by -1, if the character is facing left.
  • FiringParticleYOffset – An offset number value on the y axis for where the particles will initially appear. This value is multiplied by -1, if the character is facing up.
  • FiringParticleDepth – The depth the properties appear at. Use -1 or any number lower to make the particles appear behind the image of the weapon. Use 1 or any number higher to make the particles appear above the weapon.

For buyers, to update your kit from 1.0.1, simply copy and replace the… Version_Notes.rtf,  CSWeapon.m, CSLevel.m, CSObject.h, CSObject.m, CSInventory.m, CSButton.m, constants.h . You’ll be emailed new versions shortly.



One thought on “New features in Build 1.0.2 of the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit

  1. Frank Jennigns says:

    Hi, I was wondering if the emails for the version 1.0.2 were sent out yet. I purchased recently but the download was 1.0.1. Didn’t want to miss it. Thanks.

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