Build 1.0.3 of the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit is a GO!

I added lots of fun features to the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit last night (if you’ve already bought it, you should have gotten an email last night). Here’s the quick list of what your new favorite 2D RPG platformer can do now:

  • iAds integration
  • Objects can stay in the scene after breaking (for example, you might leave a chest open after taking its goodies)
  • Conveyor belt effects for objects which will shift the character left or right when standing on the object
  • Weapons can be animated while being thrown
  • Ghosting effects for bad guys (or any object). At its most simple, this will fade in an object when the character is in view of it. You can also extend this feature to fade the object out again and reverse the effect on a loop. And you can optionally make the object immune from contact when it is in its ghost phase (or most faded out phase). You can choose the alpha settings yourself, so you might go from 10% alpha to 100% alpha, or 0% alpha (invisible) to 50%.
  • Code tweaks for horizontal moving platforms (they actually move the character). In the previous versions of the kit, my horizontal moving platforms were subtle enough that I didn’t even notice the character wasn’t actually traveling left and right with the platform. And I say “platform” but really any object moving left or right can now carry a character.
  •  Gravity can be applied to objects when the character is in view (much better for timing things to drop on the character). You can also delay gravity affecting the object from the point when the character is in view. So for example, 3 seconds after the character sees an anvil, it might drop on them.
  •  Code tweaks for anyone using Tiled with centering disabled. Now portals can shift the “world” when the character enters them. This was a necessary option for when the character goes from portal to portal (e.g. “room to room”) in one level with the centering option turned off. Normally the world follows the character around (the world is centered on the character). But with centering disabled, you previously could not jump to a portal inside the same level if the portal was outside of the visible screen space.

Details on all these new features can be found in the iBooks documentation which has already been updated.  New properties have been added to their appropriate places within the book, and there’s now a dedicated chapter in the back for Version Notes which lists all these new properties in one spot. The same version notes can be found in a rich text file in the Xcode project, but it sure isn’t as pretty as the iBook….

iBook documentation for the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit


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