Build 1.0.4 of the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit adds even more fantasticalness.

Huh. Fantasticalness is actually a word.

The Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit is now updated to Build 1.0.4. Past buyers should have gotten an email already with a new download link. Check your Version Notes in either the kit or the updated iBook for which class files got updated (just copy and paste over the old ones).

  • 8 directions of control for top-down games. Diagonal movements are now possible.
  • Create toggle switches to open portals. Switches can be anything (they don’t need to look like levers). So you can now open doorways based on the number of “switches” that have been contacted.
  • Moving platforms can optionally disable carrying the player (so you have the option to go back to how they acted in Build 1.0.2).
  • Code tweaks for holding down movement buttons and firing at the same time (its totally smooth now).
  • Gestures can be disabled on a per-level basis. If you are using buttons to control the character, gestures should be disabled (mixing swipes and buttons can tamper with things).

As always, buyers of the kit should feel free to send me any suggestions to make this the best darn 2D RPG platformer / top-down iOS kit ever (a couple of you are sending me some great comments, thanks Kevin and Chris!) .

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 10.54.33 PM

8 directional arrows (the diagonals are more muted) and on the far right an attack button.



2 thoughts on “Build 1.0.4 of the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit adds even more fantasticalness.

  1. James Davison says:

    Hey Justin,
    Have started to create my own RPG game with this Fantastic (I mean it) kit, I have a suggestion for a feature or class. Currently if a weapon is picked up it automatically selects that weapon. Which can waste ammo..

    Just something that may improve the kit a little more.
    (unless EquipThisWeaponOnCollect is what I should be using but I think this is more for changing player dictionaries)



  2. I am always a big fan. But I find my self out of all these packages because i do not own an Apple. Is cartoon smart ever going to do something like these for Windows OS?


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