Build 1.0.5 of the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit brings the Joy (stick)

This update to the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit adds some of the most exciting features, since, well, version 1.0, I think. And for those of you that requested a control pad / joystick style control, you’ll probably agree this version really takes the starter kit to a whole new level of playability. But of course, all the previous ways of controlling the characters are still intact (even better actually), so you’ve now got three options: gestures (swipes), virtual buttons, and a virtual control pad with optional joystick on top. And you can mix as many buttons with the control pad as you like. Watch the first 3 minutes of this video to get an idea of how cool this is (and if you keep watching you’ll see the handful of properties to add a joystick)…

Other fantastic new features include the option to toss weapons in the exact direction the character is moving (now that the control pad /joystick adds fine tuned movement, weapons can do the same).

Next up, spring platforms have been added. And actually, this is just one simple property called SpringVector where you’ll define the direction like so… {0,5} … Which would be 0 push on the x axis, and 5 upwards on the y axis. Previously, any object could have a bounciness factor using the Restitution property, but this new SpringVector property gives you more control.

Objects (or enemies) can now have “ghost fx” which means, they can fade in and out, and during their most faded out phase, be immune from attack. So for example, an enemy could completely disappear for a moment, then come back. If you’d like to watch a video on both the Spring platforms and ghost FX, you can below…

As always, the 200-plus page epically documented iBook for the stater kit has been updated as well!  Its only 30mb though, so what the heck, give it a download!

A page from the iBook Documentation for the iOS Starter Kit

A page from the iBook Documentation for the iOS Starter Kit



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