More Features in Build 1.0.5 of the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit

The latest update to the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit adds so much cool stuff, I just couldn’t contain it to one blog post. And by the way, new builds are ALWAYS free to past buyers of the kit (you’ll get emailed) and updating from a past version just involves copying and replacing the class files that have changed (you don’t need to start a new project or anything crazy like that). So what else is new. Well how about time-based breaking of objects !  Is that vague? Try this, you can now open a treasure chest by standing near it for a while. Or your character might be standing on a platform and suddenly it will break beneath their feet. You can optionally add a time-meter near the object about to be broken to give players a clue that they are unlocking something or standing on a tricky object.

And you can now use Switches to open portals. Of course switches don’t necessarily have to look like pull-levers, they can be anything you want. Touch enough of theses “switches” and you can open a portal. Previously you could collect x amount of inventory to open a portal, switches are similar but nothing gets added to inventory or carried over to the next level.  Check out more in the video below…

As always, the 200-plus page epically documented iBook for the stater kit has been updated as well!  Its only 30mb though, so check it out on your Mac or iPad without downloading much!Page from the iBook documentation of the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit


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