Checking in with Build 1.0.8 of the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit

Hey howdy ho, kit-builderinos. Just wanted to check in with some news for those of you following my Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit. As some of you past buyers are well aware, your download links give you access to the latest “official” build of the kit, and also the next build as it’s progressing, which is 1.0.8. Today I added (and uploaded) a lot of new animation possibilities for characters in the kit. Previously if you were building a top-down character (as opposed to side-scroller character) you had just one set of animated frames for a resting animation. If the character stopped and “rested”, that animation could run. You can now include 4 sets of different resting animations for directions facing up, down, left or right. And with that in mind, you can also include attack animation sequences from the character’s resting state in each of those four directions as well. Previously you could include attack animation sequences for up, down, left and right, the difference now is that these new attack sequences give you the option to differentiate between an attack that was initiated from a still / resting position and those that were initiated while the character is moving / running / walking etc.  All of these new animation sequences are optional. 

Also new, you can offset the world’s center. Previously, you had two options: you could center the world on the character, which would put the character dead-center of the screen, or you could disable centering, and the world would stay in a static location. With the new offset option, you could displace where the world is around the character. 

We’ve also got new movements for Objects / Enemies, a Space Invaders type increment, that will jut the object forward an amount for x number of steps, then optionally move the character down as well. 

Also I’ve patched up a wee-bit of a memory leak that would creep up over time. 



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