New Royalty Free Game Art – Rose Inn Platform Set and Destroyer Mech.

Got a couple new pieces of royalty free game art up at .

First up is the Rose Inn Platform Set of Royalty Free 2D Game Art. Not only will you get tons of tile-able art and set decorations, you’ll also be able to create countless buildings. Check out the sales page for plenty more examples…

Royalty Free 2D Game Art Tileable Platform Hotel



Next up is one of my own creations, a Mech-style 2d game character or enemy. It includes plenty of pre-animated sequences and the Adobe Flash source files can be used to create plenty more. For buyers of CartoonSmart’s Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit, I’ve even included a Property List file to copy and paste the entire Objects dictionary which references each set of .atlas folders. This Property List also includes dictionary settings for the enemy object’s gun, knife and grenade. This makes it incredibly easy to import the art and start using this character as an enemy object against your app’s protagonist.

Royalty Free 2D Game Art


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