Copying / importing from one Toon Boom Animate Project to another

Below is a relatively short lesson for our Toon Boom Animate crowd. Justin Cook made this for you guys because copying artwork with your bone structure intact directly from one Animate project file to another isn’t possible with a simple cut and paste, but  this video will explain why that is and what to do instead. Basically you’ll be creating Templates for your Animate Library out of the artwork you want to reuse in other projects…

Toon Boom Animate Zombie Templates Coming Soon

Ok its been decided, our next set of Toon Boom Animate character templates will be Zombies! Justin Cook is drawing these up now, complete with drawing substitutions for zombified and non-zombified versions of each character. And if you’re not sure what that means exactly, Animate has a simple slider tool for swapping one piece of artwork for another, which independent of any transform keyframes you’ve added. So you don’t have to keyframe a position (like your X or Y) just to swap out artwork.

If you’ve got any suggestions for how these should turn out, lets hear ’em!

Shatner? Toon Boom? Another contest? Sabataage!?

Thats right, another Toon Boom contest!  This one isn’t run by me at all though, so I get to just sit back and bask in the Shatnerisms. The big prizes in this one are 10 copies of Animate Pro and 2 scholarships to an online university . Nope not CartoonSmart, a real online university.  Oh and the top winner gets a job on an animated show.

The dealio is all laid out by Shatner himself in this animation here (click on the cartoon Shatner when you land on that page, the real Shatner plays a different video). But basically you just need to animate 1 of 3 possible voice clips.

Unfortunately, none of the clips are this….

Toon Boom Animate Office Bods Templates!

Justin Cook has just finished the first of many Toon Boom Animate Character Pack Templates!  This Office Bods collection includes: Roy, Hobby, Arthur, Dana and Lincoln.  All of which are fully rigged up and ready to be animated. These are perfect for quick or lengthy animations, Flash games, iPhone or Android apps, banner ads, and more!  And since they are royalty free, you can use them in your personal or commercial projects.

Check ’em out and be the first in your office to get these new workers. They are only $25 for all five or can be bought individually for just $7.50…