New 2D Platform Game Art, who doesn’t love a good Egyptian-themed level!?

Hot off the press we’ve got a new set of platform game art, The Egyptian Template Platformer Tileset. This one comes from one of our rising stars at Game Ar tPartners, Franco, dab Simirk Graphics (that links to all his art so far). As many of you know, I’m a vector-art guy, perhaps even an aficionado of all things vector, but I love his hand-painted style. These are really beautiful pieces and if any of you game developers are listening, a nice crispy game character will look great playing through these. Cartoons look terrific with hand-painted backgrounds. And this set is royalty-free (but not free =) !

Royalty free 2d game art, platform set

Thats the news for now!

Eep! The Animate Pro pre-order is close to expired…

Oops. I probably should have mentioned this sooner, Toon Boom is offering $1100 off the price of Animate Pro but for only another 24-48 hours. This is an awesome program. I’ve had a chance to use it already and tinkered with some of the 3D camera and object aspects, and was very impressed. So much so actually, that I had a kind of upper-downer moment where I sat around thinking I’ve been out of college for close to 10 years now and haven’t done any serious short animation. Should I have won an Oscar by now. Probably not. Should I have done ANYTHING by now. Probably definitely. That was the downer. The upper was that now that I’ve got some kick-ass animation software, its actually kicked me in the ass and I’ve already started story boarding something I want to produce in Animate Pro.

So think on it!

Animate Pro Preorder