Oh creepy, I saw my first Cube yesterday

…Nissan Cube that is. This isn’t a car blog, but it is a design blog. And there’s something very off about these cars. Since you’re usually looking at the ass-end of cars, lets take a look at a couple examples from that perspective. This first pic is straight from Nissan’s Cube site . This is probably the best it will ever look. Nice , glossy, and cleaned up for the site. Does the license read “ASHTRAY”?… Oh no, “ASYMTRY”.

Nissan Cube

Next up, the street example. This looks more like the car I saw. Not in a showroom or website, its just an odd car on the road. Kinda like a Cylon’s head. See what I mean…

I’m definitely not against playing around a little conceptually but even without the asymmetrical back, this car is just too boxy. So its a fail for me, but Nissan at least tried something new. It does make me wonder when asymmetry works. And as a designer you might want to consider the same.  I did see some concept car pics a few weeks ago that looked awesome, and were very uneven. But maybe the concept part, of a non-driveable car, is artificially hyping the design for me. Click the pics below for article

Google concept car