New 2D Platform Game Art, who doesn’t love a good Egyptian-themed level!?

Hot off the press we’ve got a new set of platform game art, The Egyptian Template Platformer Tileset. This one comes from one of our rising stars at Game Ar tPartners, Franco, dab Simirk Graphics (that links to all his art so far). As many of you know, I’m a vector-art guy, perhaps even an aficionado of all things vector, but I love his hand-painted style. These are really beautiful pieces and if any of you game developers are listening, a nice crispy game character will look great playing through these. Cartoons look terrific with hand-painted backgrounds. And this set is royalty-free (but not free =) !

Royalty free 2d game art, platform set

Thats the news for now!

The Lava Station! Free Side-Scroller Platform Art

GameArtPartners has a new platformer game art package and it’s FREE!

It includes moving platforms, lava falls, animated lava pits, foreground and background art, in-game collectible items like gold, grenades, crates, health packs, and there’s TONS more. You can break up / combine the art in Flash to create hundreds more elements and dozens of interesting levels. You’ll receive…

  • Adobe Flash CC files (vector based source art)
  • 1x, 2x and yes, 3x PNG Exports
  • .xcassets folder, for easy import of the png files into Xcode*
  • Texture Atlas Folder for animated game elements (lava, lava-falls, doors, and more)*
  • Tiled, .tmx files which contain many of the elements already imported*
  • Property List file*

*These files can be used with the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit to play this level within minutes of downloading. Buyers of the kit can simply drag and drop in most elements and copy properties from the plist to play the level almost instantly.

Royalty Free Platformer Art


New Game Art – The Abandoned Castle 2d Platformer Tileset

We’ve got a fantabulous new package  of game art available today. The Abandoned Castle-themed tile set includes…

  • 2 Backgrounds :3400×2000 pixels.
  • 33 Terrain Tiles
  • 26 Items
  • 5 animated objets (chest, coin, gem,door, apple)

The art is fully editable in Photoshop, and easy to modify / re-export if you so design. The artwork is also royalty-free and already exported at various sizes in separate PNG, JPG, and PSD files. Find out more here.

2D platform and side scroller tile set - Royalty Free

Super Sprite Bundle 3 and 4 have arrived to CartoonSmart!

Royalty Free Game Art and Sprite Collection

For all you game art collectors that love buying in bulk, I’ve finally got the third and fourth Super Sprite Bundles up on both CartoonSmart and our new site,

The Super Sprite Bundle 3 includes two GUI sets, three platform map sets, 1 top-down level tileset and four character packs.

You can buy each art package separately at the following links, or in a really affordable Bundle here from CartoonSmart or here from GameArtPartners.

The Super Sprite Bundle 4 is also a royalty-free game art collect, this one with four GUI sets, four platform map sets, 1 top-down level tileset and five character packs!! Tis a lot right!?

You can buy each art package separately at the following links, or bundle-ized here from CartoonSmart or here from GameArtPartners.