War Machines – New Game Art Pack!

War Machines Game Art Assets

So I’m pretty darn excited about our latest package over at GameArtPartners. To say the least.  The first of three War Machine game art packs not only includes vector art in both Flash and Illustrator formats, but also has animated PNG sequences in 1x and 2x formats. So for you game developers, you’ll have no problem making use of these sprites right away. The animations have even been saved in .atlas folders, which you Xcode users of course know makes it one step easier to make these usable in your iOS apps.

And since I had a little hand in animating and exporting these (and setting them up in Flash), I went ahead and created property list files that are easily importable into CartoonSmart’s iOS Starter Kit. Which brings me to this, a little demo video of the art in action….

Super Sprite Bundle 3 and 4 have arrived to CartoonSmart!

Royalty Free Game Art and Sprite Collection

For all you game art collectors that love buying in bulk, I’ve finally got the third and fourth Super Sprite Bundles up on both CartoonSmart and our new site, GameArtPartners.com.

The Super Sprite Bundle 3 includes two GUI sets, three platform map sets, 1 top-down level tileset and four character packs.

You can buy each art package separately at the following links, or in a really affordable Bundle here from CartoonSmart or here from GameArtPartners.

The Super Sprite Bundle 4 is also a royalty-free game art collect, this one with four GUI sets, four platform map sets, 1 top-down level tileset and five character packs!! Tis a lot right!?

You can buy each art package separately at the following links, or bundle-ized here from CartoonSmart or here from GameArtPartners.