Any developers want to work with Paris Christou (our new Pin Up Girls instructor) ?

First off, thanks to all the buyers of our latest video course, Pin Up Girl Illustrations. I can’t take much credit for this masterpiece other than helping the instructor Paris get it out there to you guys. I think sales have been good enough that it won’t take much arm-twisting to get Paris working on a companion version for drawing male figures, or whatever else he feels like teaching. I think he’s got a lot more to teach all of us. I actually took out my sketchpad the other day for the first time ( and crumpled up a lot of paper for the recycling bin )

Anyway, Paris is look for a developer to team up with. He’s got the art obviously, so if there’s any rising-stars in the App-coding world out there, definitely get in touch with him. You can contact him directly at


Pin Up Girl Illustration Tutorial (and a story from my own life drawing experiences)



Before I put my sales hat on, here’s a story from when I was at the School of Visual Arts about 12 years ago….

Almost everyone has to take life drawing classes for at least a couple years. Even us geeky computer art majors. But hey, no complaints here because 90% of the time, the models were female and pretty darn good looking.  So this one kid Ricky was chronically late to class, key word being “chronic”, and our teacher, Mr D. was fed up with it.  He’s muttering about how this time when Ricky walks into class he’s going to throw him right out and flunk him. And the later its getting, the more Mr. D is pumping himself up to let Ricky have it. And of course, we’re egging him on too by counting out the minutes he’s late.

So our model this week is a big fat hairy guy. Sorry but thats the best way to describe him. He was infamous at SVA. Mostly because of his kingly stature, but also because he loved getting into crazy poses. Let your imagination run wild, and he would pull it off.  He had a lot of spirit. So anyway, he’s bending over forward for a pose. Legs spread, hands touching the ground. Most of the class is drawing him from the front or side view. But the door to the classroom is facing the back of him.   Well in comes Ricky, eyes all red and blazed up. Before Mr. D can even begin to say “get out the F*** out”. Ricky utters one word….


…and walks right back out the door.  And thats how Ricky failed Life Drawing 102.

Anyway. We have a great multi-session course available now on Pin Up Girl Illustration or just female anatomy in general. And you can’t fail at it for being late. This is taught by Paris Christou, who’s been trained by both Disney and Pixar. Maybe I’m unnecessarily name dropping there , because its pretty obvious from his work that he’s got some special talent. And he’s also a great instructor.  We’ve uploaded a demo below so you can see for yourself…