iPhone Application Tutorial!

This is probably the most excited I’ve EVER been for a tutorial launch. My friend & neighbor, Ian, put together this awesome 2 hour lesson on creating iPhone apps. What’s so cool about it you ask?? Well duh… if we (me included) learn this whole app thing we can cash in on that iTunes Store. Imagine creating the next Tetris… Can you say “CHA-CHING”.  But before our pupils are replaced by dollar signs there’s some foundation to be laid, and thats what this course teaches. By the end of the lesson you’ll have built two applications, a simple Hello World app, and a Timer app. Neither will make you millions in the App store, but hang in for the ride. More lessons to follow!

Click the pic to hit the sales page…


Course Summary (cut and pasted from here) …


    Part 1: Programming a “Hello World” Application

    The first part of this tutorial teaches how to download, install and setup the iPhone Software Development Kit. This is a free development kit from Apple, which runs on Intel-based Macs only.  Once you’re ready to develop (and possibly after you’ve bought your first Mac), the tutorial teaches a typical “Hello World” project. This is a simple application where the viewer types in their name, and the program repeats back the name. This is obviously a useless application, but is a good teaching example for what follows.  You’ll learn about Objective C programming, the iPhone SDK’s Interface Builder & XCode programs, and everything else involved with building your first app.  

    Part 2: Programming a Timer Application

    This part of the tutorial teaches how to build a countdown alarm timer. Using the scroll wheel, the viewer chooses a starting time increment for the application to count down from. Once begun, the application screen will animate through different colors during the countdown, and when finished an alarm sound goes off. Again, this is a relatively simple application and won’t be a hot seller in the iTunes Store, but it provides an excellent foundation for getting started with building future applications (and CartoonSmart will have many more to follow) 


6 thoughts on “iPhone Application Tutorial!

  1. redwings51 says:

    I enjoyed the First iPhone Application tutorial. Hopefully there will be more!

    Maybe aimed at using the different instruments??

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